Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey, I was gonna say that...

As you know, I no longer plan to make Pandora-size beads. (If you don't know, read the previous post.) Several people have emailed, letting me know that the ruined silver is not really wasted, because I can turn it in for "scrap." Yes, I know that, and I've been saving silver bits for years. But I certainly don't get what I paid for it, and I just can't stand to waste all that time making beads that are likely to be broken in the final step. As far as I can tell, there are about 4 people who really want me to make Pandora-size beads. That's not great incentive... Now if 100 or so of you round yourselves up and ask very sweetly, I'll reconsider working out the glitches in the process. Until then, I plan to entice you over to the Trollbeads Side.

I see nothing at all wrong with owning more than one brand of bracelet, so here's what I propose: From now through the end of September 2011, email me a copy of your receipt for a new Trollbeads bracelet, and I'll give you a FREE Troll-size bead from my BeadShop. Yup, the first one's on me! 

To get your free bead, first send me your Trollbeads bracelet receipt dated any time in August or September of this year. Once I reply by email, head over to the BeadShop and buy one or more of my Troll-size beads, completing checkout in the usual way. I will refund the price of one Troll-size bead ($30) through PayPal within 24 hours. This offer is not good on beads purchased from me before today. One free bead per person. Free beads must be claimed by Oct. 31, 2011. Other fine print may occur to me as we go.

And get this... As I was over at the Trollbeads site, getting the link for you, I noticed that they've stolen my great idea! They also just happen to have a deal going right now. Buy a bracelet and clasp from them, and they'll give you a free bead too. How great is that? Really great. Serendipitous even. We couldn't have done better if we'd actually been working together! So now's the time. buy a bracelet, and get two free beads to get your collection started. Go get a bracelet and I'll keep making beads!

I got this from Beth, so I thought I'd share:

"Hi Kim,
Just wanted to clarify... the site you linked to is not the official Trollbeads site,
it is just one of many many vendors. (Looking at the fine print, it appears to be
a jewelry store in Nebraska). The actual company site (in Denmark, but I've
bought from them a number of times) is The site you
provided is I know nothing about them, but I do know
that the people at, the official site, are lovely.

I haven't looked into pricing issues recently, but the last time I was in the market
for a troll bracelet, buying from the actual Danish Trollbeads Company ended up
costing me exactly the same thing as US vendors, including free shipping --
things may well have changed by now. And the deal you noted certainly sounds
like a good deal. It just isn't *the* Trollbeads Company.*"

OK. So... get your bracelet anywhere you want.
All I need is the receipt, and I'll give you a free bead!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pandora Predicament

Pandora Bracelet Fans,
I have bad news...
The picture above is not the first Pandora-size bead I've broken while adding the silver core. It's one of many, and it is the last because I'm not going to make them anymore. I'm not sure why, but something about the larger tubing doesn't play well with my beautiful riveting tool. I've broken almost as many as I've made successfully. If it was just the glass, it would be less of a big deal, even though I lose all the time it takes to make theses beads that are breaking. When I combine it with the cost of the ridiculously expensive silver that's wasted, it just isn't worth it to me. I'm really sorry. But I will try to make it up to you somehow. I have an idea that I'm going to think about a little longer before I launch into action with it. So please don't give up on me. Man, this is frustrating!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sometimes things get worse once you dig into them, and sometimes they get better. We got lucky this time. The pine floor that was under the stinky-cat-pee-carpet isn't damaged too badly. There are a couple of spots that need some attention, but now that the offending carpet is far, far away (at the dump), the smell has gone away with it. We also found remnants of an even older carpet - long tan and brown shag. Hideous. But at least our stinky carpet wasn't as old as we'd thought, for whatever that's worth.

We realize that we still need to treat the wood with enzymes and sanding, to prevent any residual stench from surfacing in the future. And just to be sure we really solve the problem, we'll also be sealing, priming, and painting the clean floor with a super-hard epoxy floor paint. Even though the wood is pretty, it's still going to be stained in places, and it's full of holes from the carpet tack. Good paint is the easiest, cheapest option. And if the paint doesn't work... well, we can always go back and do hardwood later I guess... No matter what, no more carpet! Nice area rugs only from here on.

Even though the damage is less than we expected, the project has expanded considerably. It's the Refrigerator Door Phenomenon. You know, like when you go to wipe a smear off the fridge, and suddenly you've emptied the entire thing, cleaned it out, tossed all the science projects from way in the back, and are considering remodeling the kitchen. That's what happened here. We realized the walls in the bedroom also need fresh paint. So, OK. But before that can happen, the vigas need cleaning. Vigas are the large exposed beams - basically whole trees - that support the roof on most adobe houses. They're beautiful, but because they're round, they collect dust super-efficiently, and the best time to clean them is when the room is empty. After the vigas, floor de-stinking, wall paint, and floor paint, the closet needs a new, stronger shelf and some organization... and that leads us to the next project...

Rick and I have shared this little closet for over 10 years now. It's dark and cramped and I've grumbled about it more than once over the years. The other day we moved everything out of it, and into the same-size closet in the office, which is right across from the bedroom, and suddenly I had a Closet Epiphany. Not only has that been a mostly-unused closet all these years, it's also a much brighter room, and hardly used as an actual office, because it has skylights instead of windows. We usually move our paperwork and computers to the dining table so we can enjoy the view. So now the office will be my closet/dressing room, with plenty of space for office stuff that needs to live in there. Why didn't we think of this sooner? I guess it just wasn't time yet.

The last task we can foresee is to paint the floors in the other two bedrooms. And then sometime in the near future, once Julia & Jacob have found their own place, we'll reclaim that bedroom and turn it back into a pretty guest room. I feel like we're a couple of goldfish, growing to fit a bowl that's much bigger than we knew. We'd really like a smaller house, but this is the one we have, and we love it. So as long as we're here, we might as well make ourselves comfortable. The real trick will be to do that without accumulating a bunch of new stuff. We're working hard at reshuffling what we have, moving things around, and making use of what's already here. It's a fun puzzle. And while all of this is in process, we're particularly enjoying sleeping in the living room. It's big and airy, and has amazing night-sky views out the floor-to-ceiling windows. If it wasn't just too silly, we might consider making that permanent. But no... I don't think so...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zombie Cat Pee

We reclaimed our house from The Renters almost a year ago, and we're still dealing with cat pee issues. I'm not a cat hater. I've had lots of cats over the years. But this whole experience has probably put me off felines forever. I'm sorry all you cat lovers, but this latest bit of fun has sent me 'round the bend and over the edge.

To bring some of you up to speed, we rented our house to two lovely women for about a year while we had a little RV adventure, looking for a new place to live. They were well employed, paid their rent on time, and they loved our house. They even wanted to buy it at one point, but couldn't get the financing worked out. We agreed to the pets they told us they had, and took a large deposit, but over the course of the year, they somehow managed to collect close to 30 cats and dogs. Yes, I said 30. Three zero. Astonishing. And... stinky.

The only room in the house that has carpet is our bedroom. Apparently, the cats spent a good deal of time in there, and we sniffed out smelly corners and treated them with some enzyme stuff last fall, with pretty good results. Then Chia, the chihuahua next door, who hangs out here during the day while his "mom" goes to work, picked up a scent in the closet, and territorial little guy that he is, proceeded to mark the spot repeatedly before we figured out what was going on. We kept him locked out of that room after that, but it was too late. The stench had been revived. And as cooler weather sneaks up on us, we realize that too soon we'll have to close windows at night and heat the house again, which will make it pretty unbearable in there. We have to do something drastic, and we have to do it now.

Yesterday I loaded all of our shoes into boxes and moved them into the office. Then Rick pulled the carpet and pad away from that area to see what we were dealing with. It was worse than we thought. From the looks of the stains on the subfloor, and the back of the carpet, the entire closet was one big litter box. Eeeewww... There also appears to be some dried up mold dust, which is never good.

Granted, the carpet is old, possibly as old as the house, which was built in 1975, so yeah, we should have replaced it a long time ago. Time is a funny thing though, especially when it's tied in with home ownership. Ten years? Already? And moving bedroom furniture around the house is such a chore... Anyway, it's no great loss to get rid of the ugly turquoise stuff, but it's an expense we don't need, and a big project that will probably take longer than we think. But we're trying to stay cheerful and see it as an adventure. Really. Today we're going to turn the living room into our bedroom, which will be pretty cool actually because we'll be able to look out the big windows at the night sky. I slept in there on the couch the first summer we were here, because my shoulder was broken and it was the only place I could get comfortable. I really missed the stars and the big sky once I was able to go back to bed. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this.

The next step will be to get the rest of the carpet out of the bedroom and remove all the staples and carpet tack strips. Then we can really assess the damage, which I have a feeling will be shocking. I couldn't remember the name of the enzyme stuff we used before, so I searched online and came across a product called DooDoo Voodoo. With a name like that, I have complete faith that it will work on this cat pee that just won't die. So I ordered a vat of it this morning, with rush delivery. We tried pouring hydrogen peroxide on it yesterday, and it only made it worse. We considered trying bleach or vinegar, but decided no more home remedies. We need to call in the big guns. We need a miracle here.

We're also going to have to decide what to do with the floor once we get it cleaned up. It's nice pine boards, so unless it's stained too badly, we might just seal it and leave it alone. We might re-carpet too, but we just don't know enough yet to make that decision. This will be an ongoing story for a while, and one that might help some of you deal with your own pet odor dilemmas. Stay tuned...

... and keep an eye on your cats...


PS - Yes, there will be new beads posted later today in the BeadShop. If you're on the VIB List, you'll be the first to know when they come up! Visit the VIB Lounge to sign up! I have birds today...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be Who You Are

Rick and I spent some time at Pride in the Park today. It's part of Taos's second annual Pride Weekend, which promises to grow into a lovely, welcoming "be who you are" event. There were vendors and music, food and a beer garden, Taos Pride Queens and Kings, and a particularly fabulous drag queen em-cee-ing the event. When she was Liza Minelli, the crowd went wild. We wandered around a bit, stopped for a beer, and bought our rubber rainbow Taos Pride bracelets. It was great to see so many locals families there too, uniting cultures and different facets of the community in a way that made me feel all warm and fuzzy about our little town.

Miss Taos Pride
Chantilly Cream dancing with, uh... Jerry Garcia, I think.
This little cutie-pie learned how to flip that fan open in no time.
Sadly, there was a group of small-minded, big-mouthed "Christians" who did their best to spread hate and fear in a place where people were only interested in love and acceptance. They were really awful, and sort of comical at the same time. It's amazing to me that there are people like this, but I suppose there always will be... They were kept outside the fence by several police officers, but they could be heard over a bullhorn half way across the park. What would the Real Jesus do? I'll bet he'd thump 'em on the head, if he even took the time to bother with them.

There was another small group of young men facing them, smiling, chatting, laughing, and sending out the love. They didn't let the bad guys get to them, and I was proud of them for keeping their own balance and peace. I might have changed the "God Hates Ignorance" sign to something like "God Loves Me Too," but still, they were sweet.

As we walked back toward the main (happy) crowd, it began to rain, and soon it was pouring. Rather than dampen spirits, it seemed to elevate the collective mood another notch, and people cheered and danced in the downpour. And as many of us took shelter under a big tent and enjoyed the music onstage, the angry yelling in the background slowly faded, and the Mean People were simply washed away.

"Today you are you, and that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." Dr. Seuss

Friday, August 19, 2011

Watermelon Martinis

The other night I wished out loud for a Cosmo at cocktail time, but the only ingredient we had was vodka. Moments later Rick had the great idea to buzz up the watermelon in the fridge and mix it with vodka. Oh yeah. He likes to make me happy. 

Rick got busy with the blender while I pondered other possible additions. Then I got out the martini shaker and got to work. I was a cocktail waitress at Harrah's Tahoe for years, but never spent any time behind the bar. This was just like cooking though! Fun and easy, and often best to keep it simple.

I put some ice in the shaker, two shots of vodka, 1/2 a shot of orange liqueur (Grand Marnier would be far superior to the stuff I had on hand), every drop of juice from 1/4 lime, and then filled it up with the blender-ized, liquid watermelon. A few good shakes later, we had fresh, nearly-healthy Watermelon Martinis, that just happened to match the shirt Rick was wearing. That's good I guess, if he intended to slosh, but mostly it just made a nice picture. I feel another batch coming on tonight. Cheers, and Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fresh Green Bean Salad

I like the challenge of cooking with what I have on hand. It always surprises me when I look in the refrigerator and think there's nothing to eat, and then start pulling things out, and suddenly, there's a plan, and then a meal. When we were gifted with a big bag of fresh green beans from our friends' garden, I had no plans for dinner, and no real idea of what to do with the beans. A bag o' beans on its own isn't really a meal, and I didn't want to make Dream Beans again, since I'd done that with the previous batch. So I just jumped in and started cleaning the beans, snapping the ends and pulling off strings. All alone in the kitchen, this kind of work can be sort of a meditation, and I find that when I do that and open the space, something delicious is likely to come through. Sure enough, my mind flashed on that marinated 3-bean salad Mom used to buy in a jar. I was off and running.

I only had 2 kinds of beans - the greenies, and a batch of chickpeas I'd just cooked the day before. So, starting from there, I added a few more things from the seemingly "empty" fridge, and a beautiful salad was born. Here are the basics. Amounts are up to you. This made a nice big bowlful - I'd say about 8-10 cups. After I got it all put together, I thought to measure the marinade ingredients, just in case it came out good. It did!

Fresh Green Bean Salad

fresh green beans, cut into bite sized pieces, and blanched for 3 minutes
cooked chickpeas
thinly sliced onion
kalamata olives, pitted and sliced in half
sliced pepperoncini


1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tsp maple syrup
2 T juice from the kalamata olive jar
3 T juice from the pepperoncini jar
minced garlic to taste
salt and pepper to taste
chopped fresh oregano

Mix everything together in a bowl with a snap-on lid if you have one, so you can turn it upside down every so often to move the marinade around. Otherwise, just stir it when you think of it. Make this in the morning and let it soak until dinner time at least. I served it on a hot summer night with cold leftovers from the fridge (which I'm now convinced will never be empty). Quinoa, hummus, and a little green salad with a creamy "cheese" dressing rounded out a nice palate of flavors, so good, we might just have it all again tonight. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Going To Vegan Cooking School!

I did it. I thought I'd have to think about it longer, but I really don't think thinking ever got anybody very far. It's doing that does it. So that's what I did.

Facebook can be a wonderful tool. It forces me to distill a head full of words down to a sentence or two. Yesterday, after finishing my blog post, I popped over to Facebook and said, I want to go to cooking school. There. I said it. The Wish is out of the bag. OK Universe... take over! And maybe that's what happened. I'll never know for sure. But a little while later, my next post was, ‎...and then the Universe said, "Get out your credit card, honey. We'll take care of the details later." I'm going to cooking school!

Oh yes I am! I have a real love-hate relationship with credit cards, and try to use them only when I really need to, especially when it's a sizable chunk of change. I believe in buying what I can afford, but that wasn't going to get me where I wanted to be. So here I am, a little deeper in debt, but happier than I've been in years. I know I made the right decision, and now all I have to do is wait... till April. It sure seems like a long time away.

Of course, while I'm waiting, I can cook! This morning I mixed up a beautiful marinated green bean salad. It's still in the fridge, steeping away, and it's too soon to know if it's any good or not. If it is, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I'm going to cooking school!!! Yaaayyyyy!!!
Many thanks to all of you who are encouraging me to do this! I really appreciate it.
And please keep buying my beads... now I have to pay that credit card off...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back To School?

I've just started seeing school busses kicking up some early morning dust along our road. It seems too soon, and I'll bet the kids think so too. The question I'm asking myself though is, Is it too late? I've done a lot of things in my life, but higher education never made the list. I didn't need it for anything in particular, and didn't care about the piece of paper. But now I do. No, I don't want to go back and become a doctor/lawyer/teacher/accountant. I want to be a chef when I grow up. And a vegan chef at that.

Crazy? Nah. I don't think so. I think it's perfect. I love to cook and feed people, and I'm already a good cook. But I want to be great, and I want all the tricks and skills and confidence that come with going to school and really learning my stuff. And I want the title. Chef Kim. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Going to Le Cordon Bleu, or some other long term culinary academy is not much of an option for me. It's too expensive, and I'd have to move. What would I do, live in a dorm and work at Starbucks to support myself while Rick and the dogs stay in Taos, holding down the old adobe fort? I don't think so. But looking around online, I ran across the VeganFusion website, and there I discovered a 10-Day Vegan Cooking Immersion and a 3-Day Teacher Training, both taught by Mark Reinfeld. They take place in Seattle next April, and I want to go. 

Wouldn't you love to come to Taos to take a cooking class from me someday, followed by a bead party perhaps? I can really see myself doing this. Maybe teaching small classes in people's homes, here and around the country, helping folks eat better and healthier and happier, and maybe even cooking for small parties and such. Yes, I can see it clearly, and it makes me smile.

So, no, of course it's not too late. But maybe the real question is, How can I afford it? Tuition alone is around $2500, which is not a ton of money, but remember, I'm a beadmaker, not a stock broker. I wonder... would it be wrong to throw a fundraiser for myself for a change? Maybe... but I'll figure it out. And if anybody knows of a scholarship fund I might tap into, please let me know. Meanwhile, you can support my dream by buying my beads. Shameless self-promotion, I know. But I really want to do this. Help me go to school, and someday I'll cook for you!

Monday, August 15, 2011

News and Birds... More Birds...

If you've been here a while, you know I'm not one to wait around and weigh the options for long. I'm decisive, and once I decide, I get to it, whatever it is. Over the weekend I looked at the results of the little poll I posted last week, and saw that some changes were in order. I got a few pretty in-depth responses, even though I asked for that not to happen. It always does though, so I was ready for it. And actually, I got some very useful input, which I'm grateful for. This is not to say that I welcome a steady stream of "experts" emailing me with advice. But when I need help, I'll ask for it, and I'm pleased that there are some really smart people out there who are willing to share what they know.

I was already in the process of moving my website over here to the blog. So I finished that up, and then came to the realization that there was no reason to have the same exact pages drifting out there in two different places. So I killed the website. Boom. Just like that. And now when you go to, you'll land right here. Clean and simple. I call it a Blog-Site.

Next, I saw that there are a lot of people who much prefer to click a button when shopping online, rather than sending an email. A few like the email method, and a bunch have no real preference, but that number in the middle got my attention. So I re-opened my BigCartel account, and will try posting beads in my own shop there again. Here's the link:

Next, I gave some thought to the old Secret Bead Club, and how we might bring back some of the fun of that. Another thing you might know about me is I don't like "going back." So rather than revive the SBC, I came up with something new - the VIB Lounge. You know what a VIP is, and that applies here. but to be more specific, a VIB is a Very Important Beadist. You know who you are. You're the ones who buy the beads, support the work, and create your own beautiful work which includes my beads. Some of you almost religiously give my beads as gifts to your friends and favorite family members. All of you are the ones who keep me going, and I want to show my gratitude. The VIB Lounge, like the SBC, gives you the first heads-up when new beads are posted, so you'll get a jump on everyone else who's out there browsing for beads. You guys are serious, and you deserve first dibs. Think of the VIB Lounge as a nice place to relax and wait for new beads, without having to check the Shop constantly to be sure you don't miss anything. I'll let you know the minute they're up! I'm also working on special discounts for VIBs only. 

Some people who are already on my Beadist Mailing List will be automatically invited to be on this new mailing list. But if I miss you somehow, or you're new here and just know you're a VIB, please feel free to sign up by visiting the VIB Lounge page. . It's a fairly small group right now, and I might have to put a limit on it at some point. We'll see how it goes.

That's it for business for now. I also have a nice "bird story" for you. This morning, as I was walking, a big, ragged looking hawk swooped down ahead of me, and then up to land on top of a pole. As I got closer, a pretty little grey dove fluttered up to where the hawk was, and landed on the power line right next to him. A hawk and a dove. Amazing. They just sat there, and then flew off in different directions. 

What does it mean? I don't know. Maybe nothing. Maybe something. I felt like I was looking at two aspects of myself up there - the hawk, who has to stay busy and alert, and who has to kill for a living is my Business Self, always watching for the next best way to "make a killing." The dove, who's content to peck seeds from the ground and sit in trees making pretty noises is more who I want to be, maybe more who I am when I'm not working all the time. And if the two of them could sit side by side there this morning, maybe they can so the same in me, somehow gently, efficiently, lovingly getting the work done, and then resting in the shade.

A little farther on, in the place I've been finding peacock feathers, I found a ragged looking hawk feather right in the middle of the road.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Quick Question

It was brought to my attention that maybe some people don't like to shop for beads by email. Some might prefer to just click a button and pay from there. I agree. That's actually my preference when I'm shopping. But experience has shown me that a lot of people, bead collectors at least, really enjoy the thrill of the mad dash. Remember the Secret Bead Club? It was back in the good old days when people had lots of money to spend, and sales were great. It was a huge amount of work for me, and very stressful, so I switched to a regular shopping cart thinking it would look more like a "real" business. And suddenly... sales dropped. Nothing else had changed at that point except the sales venue. I can't even blame the Stinkin' Economy. I think it's as simple as I took the fun out of it.

So now I'm trying to bring the fun back, and keep things sane for myself at the same time. I think it's working well, but if one person suggests that they would prefer to do it a different way, there are most likely others who feel the same. Here's your chance to tell me. I've posted a little one-question poll in the upper left corner of this page. Please take a moment to choose the answer that best applies for you. No need for lengthy discussions. If you're a potential bead buyer, how would you be happiest buying beads?

And now for today's beads. We'll do this the same way we have been.
If you're not clear on what that is, please read the instructions
in the column to the left. I've even created a lovely new 
email button to make it easier for you.

These fit Troll, but not Pandora.
$30 each
T1, T2, T3

 These fit Troll, but not Pandora.
$30 each
T4, T5

These fit Pandora as well as Troll.
$30 each
P1, P2, P3

 These fit Pandora as well as Troll.
$30 each
P4, P5, P6

The following are larger beads that will technically fit Troll Bracelets,
but they're really meant to use as focal beads in necklaces.
$45 each

15x19 mm

12x19 mm

15x19 mm

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Location, Location, Location

I'm feeling better today. Thanks for all the love! I spent part of yesterday, (when I wasn't sleeping like a lazy bum - that old work ethic is hard to ditch), moving all the content from my website to my blog. A while back I read in some expert blogger's blog, "Your blog is your new website." It got me thinking, and it actually does make a lot of sense.

Even though my website software ( - it's free, and easy to use) has a blog page option, it made no sense at all to move my blog over there. All my readers are used to coming here, and I'm not a silly-head. I'm not going to mess with something that works. But I look at the numbers on my website, and they're not that great. Why should they be? All the fun is over here! But it seems like a lot of people never see all the other stuff that's on my website, and they might want to, if they knew it was there. So now it's here too. I'll keep everything where it is for now, same stuff, two places. Down the road, I'll consider killing the website, and redirecting that domain name,, over here to the blog. Yes, I do know how to do that, and I think it might be a pretty brilliant idea.

So, welcome to my "new" website! Explore a little, and tell me what you think.

Today's beads are ready to roll...
As always, click the photos to enlarge.
Email me ( to order, and see the details to the left
if you're unfamiliar with how we do things here.

These fit Troll Bracelets only.
Some have CZs, some don't. All are encased,
and have hand-set sterling silver linings.
$30 each

T1, T2, T3
Deep Pink, Milky White, Amber

T4, T5, T6

These fit Pandora as well as Troll.
All have sparkling CZs and hand-set
sterling silver linings.
$30 each

P1, P2, P3

P4, P5, P6

These are larger beads, meant to be used as focal beads.
They're silver lined, and will technically fit a
Troll Bracelet, but I think they're too big for that.
$45 each

13x20 mm

12x19 mm

13x20 mm

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hiding Out

I am... unwell today. Not exactly sick. Not exactly not sick. I think it's because I got overheated yesterday morning, pulling weeds in the hot sun, on an empty stomach. I started feeling woozy, then queasy, then headachy. By the time I went inside and got some water and a snack it was too late. My system had been thrown off balance, and there was no instant fix.

I think it was the sun. It might also be a bad reaction to selling the trailer, to feeling once again stuck here with no way to change things. It could be resistance to What Is, which almost always takes shape in some form of physical ick. I wear a little charm on a necklace that says, Move Like A River. I've had it on for months. It reminds me to stop resisting, throw my arms in the air, and go with the flow, because it's where we're going anyway, whether we resist or not. Stop struggling, and there is no more struggle.

I'm laying low today, drinking coconut water, eating fruit, napping. I still feel crappy, but I feel better lying down, so that's what I'm doing. I'm not resisting. I'm resting. I'm feeling what I'm feeling and letting it drift on down the stream. What can I do? Nothing. So that's what I'm doing. And that might be the hardest thing for me.

I can't tolerate even the thought of sitting in a hot studio by a torch and a kiln, but I have a bit of a back stock of beads, and I know you need them. So, here you are. From my cozy nest in the coolest room in the house, a handful of beads to make your eyes happy, and to go home with you if you wish. 

These are focal beads, nicely suited for necklaces.
They're all layered and encased, with
sparkling CZs in the flowers, and glimmers
of goldstone mixed in with the leaves.
These are about 15 mm across, 
and the hole size is 3/32 inch.
They do not fit Troll or Pandora.
$35 each







The following beads fit Troll only.
Sorry, no Pandora today, but I'll have some in
the next day or two!
These beads are all silver lined, by hand, and
the hole size is 3.75 mm.
$30 each

T1, T2, T3

T4, T5, T6

T7, T8, T9

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good-Bye Trailer

Here we are, Rick and Kim, on June 1, 2009, setting out on our great RV Adventure. Was it really that long ago? So much has changed. For starters, look at those chubby people. Clearly this was in our pre-vegan phase, when cheese was still a food group of its own. We've changed, inside and out, and all for the better, I think. I hope. We know better what we want. We're grandparents. We continue to learn and grow. We eat better, that's for sure! And we have a different perspective, because we stepped outside of our comfort zone.

We've been reminiscing a lot the last couple of days, as we prepped the trailer one last time, not for a trip we were going on, but for potential buyers coming up from southern New Mexico. We retraced our travels, and went over what we liked and didn't like about the traveling and not traveling, the time we spent on the move, the time we spent as camp hosts, the trailer itself. It wasn't perfect, any of it, but at times it came pretty darn close. 

We sold the trailer yesterday afternoon, to a nice pair of ex-truckers looking for a cozy vacation rig. They unabashedly fell in love with it right before our eyes, and before long we had a stack of cash in front of us and they had keys and title in hand. Lovely people who will treat out little home well. Time to let go, but not without a few tears...

They even have a truck like ours. It all felt perfect. And although it was sad to let go of that part of our life, it was the only logical thing to do. Same as before we left, we can't travel and have this house. We can't sell the house in this market, and won't rent it again after the bad experience we had before. So we let go of what's no longer useful to us, and make room for what comes next. It's all OK. 

It's funny... when we bought the trailer it symbolized freedom to us. And now selling it feels like exactly the same thing. Fare well Tessie Beau. We loved you. We'll miss you...