Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Have you noticed my absence here lately? I have. It nags at me, that little voice that says, What about your blog? Better go write something... Every day I intend to. I have a list of things to write about, and pictures to share, and day after day it just gets away from me. There are so many other things that need to be done in a day. I just can't keep up. I feel overwhelmed, like I'm out on a little boat in the ocean, and huge waves just keep crashing over me, over me, over me... I have a bucket, and I can bail fast enough to keep from sinking, but still those waves keep crashing.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take one thing off the Daily Should List. Maybe more than one, but this one for sure. As of today, I release myself from my blogging responsibilities. There - I feel better already. I guess I'll reserve the option of popping back in every so often, but if I never do, you'll know why. My days are filled with things that have to be done. Writing here used to fill some need of mine, and possibly was useful to some of you who read it, or so a few of you said. But it takes a lot of time, it certainly doesn't pay me, and I get so few comments (except from a few regulars and some incoherent babbler in China), there's just not much left in it for me. I'm really sorry. The balance is off - maybe in my whole life. Too much going out, and not enough coming in. It's time to stop waiting for what I need, and start taking it for myself.

And so, here I am, in a trailer in southern Oregon, waiting for the rains to stop, warm weather to start, campers to arrive. I need a summer like the one I had when I was fourteen - hot weather, a cool lake, and time to enjoy it. I might get something close to that, if I can trim down the nagging "shoulds" and stick to what's really important. Am I Home? No, not yet. I'm not sure I ever will be. But I'm beginning to think that for some of us, the journey is what it's all about, and Home is actually somewhere inside of us.

Will you miss me? I doubt it. But if you do, go to Facebook and ask to be my Friend. I'll probably say yes. I find it easier and less of a commitment to zip in there with a quick thought or a few pictures from the day. The payoff is I get feedback from friends, and I get to see what they're up to too. Give and take, not just give. I have a Fan Page too, which may or may not be a useful business tool. I'll hope to see you in Facebook Land, or in our little campground, or somewhere along the road...

I've enjoyed this blog a lot. And maybe I'll do it again someday. For now, thank you for being here. I really appreciate all of you who have become loyal readers. A parting bit of advise, if I may - Always take the long way home. It's much more interesting, and there's really not as much need to rush as we think there is. Fare Well, my Friends.